The Best Free Online Stock Comparison Tool

Have you ever got tired by opening multiple windows in the browser to pick the best stock?, the best free online stock comparison tool, saves your time by providing the most accurate and well-rounded data. It offers robust functionalities to compare stocks statistics horizontally and intuitively.

Stock Search Engine has data across all exchange centers in the world (NYSE, NASDAQ, HKEX, LSE, SSE, SGX etc.). Type either the stock name or stock symbol and the search bar will suggest you the stocks. Clicking the dropdown menu or the search button, it will add the new stock to your comparison list. If you want to remove it from your comparison list, simply click the cross (x) button besides the bar.

Historical Prices

Hover your mouse on the chart, it will display the price and return for each stock in your comparison list. You can switch the price and return mode to see different data.

Financial Stats

This sector provides historical financial statistics. It has 3 categories:

  • income statement
  • balance sheet
  • cash flow

By simply switching to the category and clicking the metric you are interested in, you are able to see those data! More amazingly, you can convert the currency into USD to have a more intuitive comparison!

Stock Details

This is the juiciest part that makes your day! It provides stock details in perspectives of:

  • basic information
  • ratios (PE, PS etc.)
  • income
  • balance
  • cash Flow
  • historical prices
  • shares
  • analysis

Same to financial stats, you can convert currency into USD to have a more intuitive comparison!




Software Engineer @ Grab | Ex-Bytedancer | Youtuber

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Nian Li

Nian Li

Software Engineer @ Grab | Ex-Bytedancer | Youtuber

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